How to Send and Receive Fax with Gmail (UPDATED OCT 2020)

It's Time to Take Advantage of Google Fax

The new era of fax is here, online faxing is becoming the preferred option and it's no surprise because it means you don't need a fax machine but you'll still be able to send and receive faxes at anytime to anyone.

Here we've covered everything you need to know starting from a step-by-step guide on how to fax from Gmail, which online fax services have the best customer ratings and the many benefits that using your email fax offers.

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How to Fax Using Google (Step-by-Step)

Step 1.

Create an email. Head over to your Gmail account and compose a new email.

Step 2.

Place the receivers fax number. Instead of placing an email as the receiver, all you have to do is place the fax number you want to send the document to, followed by the extension provided by the online fax provider you signed up with.

For example, if you sign up with RingCentral their extension is

So you would place the fax number such as

Step 3.

Add your text. The subject line is the cover sheet title of your fax and in the content area where you would normally type your email message you can type anything you would like to appear in your fax as text. You can also attach any documents to the email that you want to be faxed as well.

Step 4.

Send Your Online Fax. All you have to do is click the send button and the email is automatically converted into a fax!

How to Fax From Gmail


Step 1

Create an email. Head over to your Gmail account and compose a new email.

Step 2

Enter the receivers fax number. Instead of entering an email, enter the fax number which is then followed by the extension provided by the online fax service you signed up with.  

For example, if you sign up with RingCentral their extension is  

So you would place the fax number such as

Step 3

Type Your Cover Letter. The email's subject line is the cover title of your fax and in the content area (where you would normally type your email message) is the message that what will appear on your cover page.

Step 4

Attach Documents. The best feature of faxing with Gmail is that you can simply attach the documents you want to fax. You don't have to convert or print out anything, simply attach them to your email and that's it!

Step 5

Click Send. Were you expecting a more steps? Just click send and your fax is automatically sent through the web (encrypted for safety) and delivered.

Best Google Fax Services

After years of extensive research we’ve narrowed our top choices to the following email to fax services because they provide a secure platform along with useful features that are detailed further below.

Our overview is short and sweet, highlighting the best features to save you time. Visit the providers website listed below for more information and to start your free trial.

Award Winning Providers

We only picked providers that have been recognized by several platforms for having an outstanding service among their competitors.

Dedicated Customer Support

These providers know how to handle any situation big or small. With US based reps working around the clock.

Budget Friendly

One of the most important factors when choosing a service is the price. The providers below offer the best prices on the market without sacrificing quality service.

RingCentral Fax (Overview)

By far the best option among all paid services, especially if you are running a business. Offers fax and virtual office solutions.


Prices start at $12.99 per month for 750 fax pages per month with easy integration for Gmail, Google Drive, Dropbox, Box and Microsoft Office.

Fax Number

Choose from local, toll-free or vanity online fax numbers in the US.

Global Service

Also provides their service for international locations such as Australia, Canada, France, Ireland, Netherlands and Singapore.


An award winning provider, slightly higher price but a great option if you do a lot of international faxing or need an international fax number.



Prices start at $16.99 per month for 150/150 fax pages to send/receive. Can be integrated with Gmail, iCloud, Box, Google Drive and Dropbox.

Get a Free Online Fax Number

Choose from local, toll-free and international fax numbers. Services available in over 40 countries with local fax numbers in each country.


Electronic signature capability. Lifetime storage of sent/received faxes online. Free mobile fax app to fax on-the-go.

Benefits of using Virtual Fax

Online fax services are a great option if you want the full spectrum of features that comes with faxing via email. Below are a few of the benefits that you will enjoy.

Integration Capabilities

Integrate these internet fax services with Gmail, Dropbox, Google Drive, Microsoft Office and Outlook. Connecting with other platforms makes it easier and faster to send a fax online. Stop wasting ink and paper by sending it directly through the internet.

Free Online Fax Number

Aside from being able to send faxes you will also get a Google fax number to send and receive faxes through the internet. You can choose from local, toll-free or vanity numbers and connect this instantly with your Gmail account.

More Storage

Being able to store you outgoing and incoming faxes online also frees up a lot of physical space as well as reduce paper and ink expenses. Aside from storing your faxes in your email you can also use cloud storage and access all your fax logs.

Multiple Users

The beauty of using a web based fax plan is that you can integrate multiple users which is great if you have employees that need access to email faxing. Incoming faxes can be delivered to multiple emails and you can also add users to your account so they can easily start sending a fax from their email as well.

Send Multiple Documents at Once

Another amazing feature that can only be done with internet faxing is being able to send several documents all at once and to as many recipients as you need.

As explained in the tutorial above, faxes are sent as attachments to your email. Simply attach the documents you need to fax and add as many fax number in the recipient box in the correct format as detailed above. Just click send and everything gets delivered automatically!

Remember that you can send several types of documents as a fax, online services accept over 200 type of files such as PDF, TIFF, JPEG, PSD, CSV, PNG and so on.

Online Fax Number Benefits

A Google fax number is the biggest thing to happen since fax numbers were first invented. Today’s technology allows you to pick and setup your online fax number before you even finish your morning coffee.

A google fax number is also known as a virtual fax number and it’s basically a fax number that is integrated with your Gmail account to allow you to send and receive fax through Gmail. These numbers are not provided directly from Google but instead through online fax services.

By using a Gmail fax provider, you no longer have to setup dedicated phone lines and you also save money on installation fees.

And that’s just the beginning.

Block junk numbers easily which in the past was a huge expense for businesses with traditional fax machines because they would waste paper and ink by not being able to stop incoming junk faxes from printing.

Increase productivity. With online faxing you can send a fax to multiple contacts, also referred to as broadcast faxing. With just a few clicks send your fax to several contacts which in the past meant having to waste time in front of a fax machine and manually faxing to each contact.

Fax From Your Computer with Email to Fax

Getting a Google fax number simply means you are integrating a digital fax number with your Gmail inbox.

This combination makes it possible for you to receive fax instantly to your email.

To get your virtual fax number you just need to sign up with an online fax service. These providers offer a variety of numbers in the US and around the world.

Best of all, you don’t have to wait long hours to have this set up. Your number will be active in just minutes! Unlike traditional numbers, there are no physical setups, extra landlines or equipment needed.

These services start at around $10 a month, prices vary depending on how many faxes you need to send and receive each month. There is not contract so you can cancel at anytime.

How Can I Get a Free Fax Number?

The best way to get a free Google fax number is by starting out with a FREE trial account.

The top online fax services allow you to set up a trial account with full access to all their features as well as your own online fax number.

You have up to 30-days to test out the plan without any type of payment or charge.

As almost every free trial offer, you do need to provide payment information but you are not charged unless you decide to keep using the service after the 30-day trial.

Is Google Fax Secure?

Yes. These numbers are setup and managed by an online fax service. This company will take care of converting your emails into a fax transmission.

An online fax number works by converting all incoming and outgoing messages through secure web servers. For example, if someone faxes a document to your online number it is safely encrypted and converted into a PDF format which is then delivered to your Gmail inbox.

This is all done behind the scenes, you don’t have to worry about any complicated steps or configurations. Same goes when you are sending a fax from your Gmail account, the document is automatically encrypted to ensure privacy of confidential information and delivered to the recipient.

Once your online fax number is active, it will deliver your incoming faxes to your Gmail automatically.  You can also receive notifications of incoming faxes on your phone or by setting up the notification feature on your account.

What Type of Fax Number Should I Use?

Thanks to recent technology, now you can get an online fax number with just a few clicks! Forget about having to call your phone company and schedule a service truck to come out at who know what time. The only thing you have to worry about is deciding which internet fax service you want to sign up with.

Furthermore, you can choose from a variety of numbers and these then automatically forward your incoming fax to Gmail, becoming your very own Google fax number.

It’s important to select the right type of number for your business. Simply put, you have three options that online fax services offer:

  • Local Numbers: Best for local businesses that do the majority of faxing within the same area or country.
  • Toll Free Number: Best for nationwide businesses that want to convey trust as well as increased response rate from customers.
  • Vanity Numbers: Best for business that want a memorable and unique number.

Local Number

Many local businesses prefer to use local numbers since most businesses is done in the local area. You can still receive faxes and send faxes to any fax number in the U.S or worldwide.

Many providers also offer local numbers outside the US. RingCentral provides local numbers in the UK and Canada while eFax has numbers available in over 40 countries.

Toll Free Number

You’ve probably called a toll-free number at least a few times in your lifetime. Many large businesses use these type of numbers, the most popular being the 800 number.

A toll free number is free to reach and come in a variety of prefixes such as 888, 866, 833 and so on.

Recent surveys confirm that business that use a toll free number have increased customer trust and better response rates from marketing ads.

Vanity Number

This type of Google fax number is very unique and usually something you need to request along with paying an additional setup fee.

Vanity numbers are great for helping customers make it easy to remember your number because you have have it spell out your company name or a catchy phrase or word. An example would be 1-800-LAWYER. You can use this with a local or toll free number.

Transferring Your Existing Fax Number

Having an online fax number is a great option but a question that arises a lot among those switching to online faxing is: Can I keep my current fax number? The answer to this questions is YES.

Do I Have To Change My Current Fax Number?

Having to change your fax number can be a hassle because you have to update your contacts as well as any other place your fax number is advertised. Fortunately, with Google fax services you can port your fax number over to their service.

How to Port Your Fax Number to an Online Fax Service

To start this process, referred to as porting, you all you have to do is contact the provider after you’ve signed up. The providers we recommend here, RingCentral and eFax will port over your fax number at no cost. Some other companies may charge a one time fee that could average around $20.

It’s always best to call the companies service number to make sure you fax number is eligible for a transfer to digital faxing. Once this is verified you can begin the process and ultimately you will be taking your landline fax number and converting it into a virtual line. Your fax number will be able to work with FoIP which stands for fax over the internet protocol and you can send and receive faxes online.

Note: In most cases the process of porting your fax number will take a few days.

That is why you are provided with a temporary fax number until all the information is transferred over. 

The temporary number provided will help you prevent any interruptions due to this process by sending all of your faxes to your Gmail inbox.

How Faxing Over the Internet Works

Using digital fax is easy to learn because it is similar to sending a regular email. You just get to send and receive the faxes minus needing a fax machine, paper and ink expenses. When you sign up with a virtual fax service you choose a fax number, or can transfer your own, and this number will be used to send and receive faxes via email.

When you send a fax via email (steps detailed above) upon hitting the send button your email fax is automatically converted and encrypted electronically as it’s sent to the recipients fax number. The recipient doesn’t have to be using an internet fax service, even if they have a fax machine it will still get delivered with no complications.

Can I receive faxes from users who aren't using an online fax service?

When you need to receive a fax you will also be able to receive faxes from any fax machine since the service will automatically decode the date and send it to your email.